Our Programs can assist you or someone you care about with issues like these:

  • Grieving the loss of a loved one?
  • Frustrated by illness?
  • Being abused?
  •  Need someone to listen?
  • Home-bound and isolated?
  • In conflict with family members?
  • Financial concerns?
  • Living in unsafe conditions?
  • Sight, hearing or memory loss?
Our free and confidential Friendly Visitor and Senior Peer Counseling Programs provide in-home emotional support, companionship and referrals to services.

Friendly Visitors  Program
Senior Peer Counseling
Serving elders at home or
at local Senior Centers

We serve all of Lake County, California's seniors 55 plus years-old who are facing
a tough time, or just need
a friend.

Seniors helping seniors with life to life solutions 

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Apply NOW! Benefits include mileage reimbursement.


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