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Which Program is Right for You?

A program to provide companionship through weekly social visits for home-bound and isolated seniors at home or centers.


A program to provide trained paraprofessional counselors who listen and help problem-solve with seniors with a specific or complex issue to resolve.
We conduct a no-cost intake assessment for all seniors referred.

 Senior Peer Counseling
After training, Volunteer Senior Peer Counselors provide weekly visits to help seniors cope with losses, problem solve, reduce relationship conflicts, think through options, and maintain sobriety. Volunteers also can provide referrals for legal help, care giving, nutrition, housing and more.
Seniors dealing with  a difficult situation, complex issues to be managed, cognitive decline, and/or present safety risks are best suited for this program.
995-1417 and ask for 
Francois van Wyk, LMFT
Senior Peer Counseling

Program Director

Our Volunteers provide non-judgmental companionship to home bound and isolated seniors.
Through home visits they provide a listening ear, emotional comfort and stimulation to lonely seniors.
This program is best for home bound and isolated seniors without complicated issues to manage, and who could really use a friend.

Options for visits other than the home, can be arranged at senior centers or public areas.

Call or email and ask for Norma Shepherd

Norma Shepherd 
Friendly Visitor Program Director
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