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Volunteer Opportunities and Benefits
Retirement Blues? As you give back to the community, you'll find you get more from your efforts than the folks you serve. You'll make new friends, plus, there’s holiday parties, volunteer appreciation events, gas incentives and more! Here's three ways to join in!

Volunteer Benefits:
  • Learn to REALLY Listen
  • GIVE back to elders
  • Learn to age gracefully
  • RESOLVE conflicts peacefully
  • MEET inspirational seniors
Volunteers spend 3 to 4 hours per week visiting clients and attending  supervision and on-going educational sessions with a licensed director who facilitates.
The free Intensive, basic training covers listening skills and counseling strategies to help seniors find their way through difficult times.

"I found a way to help people, and also make some great friends."

"Being a counselor is helping me prepare for elder issues

"I received much more in shared compassion and knowledge about aging than I think I gave to all three of my clients."

"The training has been extremely interesting and eye opening. I've learned so much about myself and others.    

"I have found a way to use some of my previous training and experience when
I am doing peer counseling."

Konocti Senior Support annual Holiday Party (left)

Volunteer Benefits:
  • Make new friends
  • Get involved with people
  • GIVE back to elders
Join a group of caring people who visit elders confined to the home. Attend monthly meetings and share your experiences with other volunteers.  

Volunteers spend an hour with someone and also attend a FREE initial training with ongoing monthly discussions and training.

As a director, you will . . .
  • Create vision
  • Direct policy
  • Manage personnel
  • Network with other agencies
  • Oversee financial and administrative goals
  • Attend a monthly meeting and luncheon the last  Tuesday of each month starting at noon.
  • Mileage incentive
Funded and recognized by Lake Co. Behavioral Health, our programs are a vital component in the County's Older Adult System of Care Team, With the financial support of this agency, our non-profit program has a major impact on the health and vitality of seniors who may desperately need volunteer support due to governmental cuts.
Board and volunteers receive a MILEAGE REIMBURSEMENT

Call  707-995-1417  for an application or download application email lcspc@att.net to contact the directors for information about our innovative programs.

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