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Friendly Visitors

Our Mission is to provide companionship and counseling to seniors in their homes and at senior centers

Do you know an isolated senior?

Any senior in need who may benefit from this program will be provided a volunteer counselor, regardless of income.

We offer weekly visits to your home or local Senior Center.

Anyone can make a referral for themselves, a friend, a neighbor or family member.

Volunteer counselors are trained to listen to their clients and help them find their own solutions. 

This program provides free weekly in-home visits for seniors 55 years or older who are isolated or confined at home and

may need comfort, support or stimulation. 

We provide a no-cost opportunity to converse with a friendly person—someone who can listen without judging or directing.

The visits give seniors something to look forward to each week and increases their independence. 


How the program works:

The Friendly Visitor Program Director meets first with the senior to assess their specific needs, then selects a volunteer who can most closely fill those needs,

Established in 1999, our program is supervised by the Program Director who provides the initial volunteer training, monthly meetings and ongoing evaluations of the volunteers.

Other outreach to seniors takes place when the director sets up a group get together at various residential activity centers.

To Refer Yourself or Someone who may benefit:

• Contact us by email or by phone (707) 995-1417

• Please tell the senior that we will call them to schedule an Intake.

• The Director calls the senior to schedule an in-home intake session.

• After the Intake session, If the program matches a senior's needs, a Friendly Visitor will call to schedule a first weekly meeting.

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